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Stained Glass Windows For Religious Institutions

We Provide Services To Religious Institutions And
Protective Coverings In Charleston, SC

During the Middle Ages, stained glass windows replaced the dark stone walls of Romanesque churches with brilliant, colored light. These windows became important in worship because of their beauty and because they illustrated Biblical truths that were not available to many people at that time. Medieval artists were instilled with a sense of creating for the glory of God. While it has been centuries since stained glass was first used to minister God's word to His people, that same spirit is still alive at Charlestowne Stained Glass. Now, as then, stained glass remains the silent witness for the "Light of the World."

Designing for a religious structure requires artistic ability and scriptural knowledge. Reference materials on symbolism, saints, church leaders, traditions, and Biblical times are utilized when developing a theme. Our craftsmen will work with your individual needs and add special touches to make each piece unique. Whether of modern or traditional style, our artists will create a stained glass design that matches the decor of your church.
One of our representatives will visit your church and discuss the many choices available to you. We can also assist in selecting a payment plan and offer fundraising suggestions.

Since stained glass is such an important investment, we strive to help protect it from storm damage and vandalism. For existing or new windows we offer Acrylite-SG glazing with our custom thermal vent system. Without proper ventilation the covering can do as much harm as good. These breakage resistant coverings will be installed by our experienced craftsmen. Based on your location and weather history, we will advise if Acrylite-SG is a viable option.
In addition to custom thermal venting, we advise installing the covering into aluminum frames. Using aluminum frames and stops will minimize maintenance, and our foam backing allows for the covering to expand and contract without breaking its perimeter seal.

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