Current Events

Current Events
The good people at Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Goose Creek invited us to update their sanctuary with new windows. Fourteen in all, including the large front transom with a painted banner.
The weather was perfect all week and everyone was happy with the installation.
 First United Methodist Church, Myrtle Beach, SC.
 Below is New Tabernacle 2nd Missionary Baptist Church, North Charleston, SC.
New Tabernacle 2nd Missionary Baptist Church, 2204 Fillmore Street, North Charleston. Here it is March 20 and we are finishing up the project today. Here are some pictures of the new look at New Tabernacle. The window scenes are scheduled to come in by the middle to end of April. Please note (especially on the transom panel) that all the new windows have protective covering. You can see the venting we do to help prevent condensation and heat buildup. We hope you enjoy your windows for many years to come. Thank you very much.

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